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shadow thing???idk it was a flash test

Alright, here’s Peridot!! I finished up the ref and added her clothes ‘v’ bigger version is here

What do you guys think???


Okay, this is v1 of Peridot!!!

her quills + markings are actually dyed, meaning she can change the style and colour at will - also gives me artistic freedom to go nuts if I want >:3c But those are the usual + preferred styles

yeah her quills can also be parted differently?? idk anyway I WANT UR OPINIONS !!!!!

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more corny college AU shit *v* It kind of became a running gag that either one of them would have a rly mushy lock screen at any given time lmao

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trying out CS6 at college B)

tagerineraccoon: Ok ok :D I follow you on Deviantart and i am such a fan of your work <3 I was wondering if you make live wallpapers for the samsung galaxy S3 I would love to have one from you <3 If i have to pay i will get the money to, I just love your work <3 If i knew the programs that were out there to make thing like that id make them everyday :D

Awwh thank you <3

No actually?? ive never even thought about making one, seen as I have an iPhone haha… I might look into it, it would be a fun thing to do!! I dont think i’d make people pay though, b/c it wouldnt be very good

chocolate-oxygen: shadow giving sonic a really nice message cause he noticed his muscles are pretty tense after a fight

i got too carried away

inspired by a prompt i got in my inbox :^)

i already uploaded sonic and shadow but w/e they look good as a big collection *v*

all my other emofuri stuff is here!

Video of the making of the Sonic emofuri thing i did!!

It gets a little monotonous at the end b/c of all the fiddling I had to do, but yeah, here it is! My other emofuri stuff is here :>