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Sonic Oekaki forum!

Station square oekaki!!!

Finally, a sonic only oekaki board!! It’s super easy to get used to and i can see a great community being formed there ;v; The only issue is that Java can be a bit funny if you dont have the right version x_x

Im chillisart on there, so yes, you should totally join!


i cannot believe my sonadow art got over 1000 notes. this is the best day of my life

kokuhaku-akaboji: your art is so amazing it makes me happy every time i see it on my dash!! uwu

Aaah thank you ;;v;;

mogorisempai: Your art is so good ; o ;

Thank you!!! <3

colouring practice i guess?? also very inspired by ava’s demon (which you should totally read btw)

marker practice!!

laneyartimation: I love your art so much!! And this will sound weird, but you were my inspiration to get back into drawing and coloring so thank you so much for that. I haven't drawn in a while haha ^_^ also sonic and shadow like <33333 two cutie pies~!

Thanks!! it doesnt sound weird at all aha, im very glad i could help you!!!

and yes, they are the biggest cutie pies in the world<3

this AU is gonna be the end of me


Sooooo uvu I’ve been doing this swich around meme with the amazing chi11i and tsukinesara !!! check them out ok?

It was a lot of fun to do this and I think the result turned out great *v*

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sonicadventurecheese: depends ma'am can i share the sonadow feelz (tm) with u

of course u can!! i literally live and breathe sonadow every moment of my life

join with me and cry over gay hedgehogs